How to Check Your I-20 Status

Below is a general guideline on I-20 document processing.  Processing times can be shorter or longer than what is indicated below, depending on when your academic department submitted your record to the Office of International Admissions for review.

Peak months for processing are March through May and students may experience even longer processing times than indicated in the table below. The schedule below is a general guideline; specific questions should be directed to your program contact.





Day 1*

After your academic department has accepted you and received confirmation of your intention to enroll, the department initiates the process for final review by the Office of International Admissions and shipping of the I-20 (if required).


*Note:  Your acceptance date is not the same date your record was submitted for I-20 processing.


Day 1-3

After your academic department initiates the final review/I-20 process, you will receive an email from UB's Graduate Application System informing you about I-20/Welcome Packet shipping options. 


I-20s are shipped for free by standard mail (typically 30 or more days with no tracking number after step six, below).




You may choose to pay a subsidized fee of $25 to have your I-20 shipped by express courier service (typically four to five days with a tracking number after step six below). We strongly recommend that you choose Express Courier Service.


If you do not select a shipping option within the three-day period, you will automatically receive your I-20 by regular airmail. We strongly encourage you to select express courier service since standard mail can be extremely slow and unreliable.


If you do not require an I-20, you will still receive a general welcome packet shipped based on the delivery option you selected in the Graduate Application System.


Day 4-8

The Office of International Admissions will receive the electronic record from the Graduate Application System and conduct a final review of your graduate application.


Unless the record is placed on hold (because documents are missing or there are questions about credentials), the International Admissions Counselor reviews the record in the Graduate Application System and inputs the university decision in one to five business days. If any electronic documents were missing or there are problems with the credentials, extra time is required for reprocessing.


Day 9-13

Over the next five business days, your Graduate Application System record is in queue for issuance of the I-20. 


Processing is "first-come-first-serve" based on when the academic department submitted the record to International Admissions. 


You will receive an auto-generated email in this period alerting you that we have received your file.


Day 14-16

Your I-20 is produced. 


You will receive auto-generated emails with log-in and password to the International Admissions Application Status website.


With the International Admissions log-in and password, you can view your SEVIS ID Number and track your courier package (if you selected this shipping method).


Day 17-19

I-20 Welcome Packet is shipped.


The shipping method (standard mail or express courier shipping) is based on how you completed the I-20 Delivery Option in the Graduate Application System (see step two above).

7 Day 20+

Receive your I-20 Welcome Packet. 


You will receive your I-20 Welcome Packet during this period. Delivery times will be based on the shipping method that you selected (see step two above).

8 After 30 days If an I-20 was sent to you but you did not receive it or if any changes need to be made to the document, you can request reshipment of the I-20 packet by completing the Courier Reshipment Request form.