BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The University at Buffalo Reading Clinic is seeking children who have serious reading and/or learning problems for enrollment in the clinic's diagnostic and remedial program that begins Jan. 29.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- African-American women who served in the Women's Army Corps during World War II played a role in bringing about changes in segregationist U.S. military policy, a new book by a University at Buffalo sociologist has found.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Owners of charter-boat fishing companies on Lake Ontario loudly protested the decision by New York State in 1993 to cut by 50 percent the amount of gamefish stocked in the lake.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Imagine road surfaces never sullied by potholes or a construction material that could detect internal cracks as soon as they begin to form. Think of a pacemaker battery that could warn its host that it is losing power or a material that could prevent electromagnetic interference in electronic devices.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The University at Buffalo Casting Institute, one of the largest institutional foundries in the United States, has announced plans to conserve and recast three large bas-relief panels produced by the late Buffalo sculptor Charles Cary Rumsey in connection with one of his last commissions.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences received high marks from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in its 1995 Institutional Goals Ranking Report, released late in December.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The University at Buffalo has received a cash gift of $800,000 for its Distinguished Honors Scholars Program from the same anonymous donor who gave a $1.6 million cash gift in January 1995 to establish the program, which covers the recipients' costs of attending UB for four years.
Daniel E. Massing has been named campus director of technology transfer services in the Office of the Vice President for Research at the University at Buffalo.
Raymond G. Miller, D.D.S., of Buffalo, has been elected president of the 1,300-member University at Buffalo Dental Alumni Association for 1997.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The University at Buffalo has announced the establishment of the Center for Structural Biology, an interdisciplinary program that will give scientists powerful new tools with which to study the life sciences.