SUNY Engineering, a "virtual university" whose lectures will be beamed overseas via satellite and whose classrooms and laboratories will treat industry as a bona fide partner, has been organized by the University at Buffalo and the other engineering programs in the State University of New York system.
University at Buffalo researchers and a local defense contractor are applying space technology to the light poles at Rich Stadium in hopes of reducing wear and tear on the 160-foot high standards caused by the sometimes fierce winds that whip through the stadium.
First-hand assessments of damage inflicted by last week's quake reveal that the 6.6 temblor had an unusual signature, according to Andrei Reinhorn, Ph.D., a member of a reconnaissance team sponsored by the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER), headquartered at the University at Buffalo.
Extensive damage to buildings caused by the Northridge earthquake underscores the need for structural or civil engineers to have input on the design and construction of residential and commercial buildings in earthquake-prone areas, according to an engineer who was part of a reconnaissance team that last week inspected damaged buildings in Los Angeles.
From seismic building codes in Memphis to articles that describe how to tie down your hot-water tank before an earthquake strikes, thousands of references to materials concerning earthquakes and earthquake engineering are now available for free through the QUAKELINE® database to anyone who has access to the Internet.
Michael Msall, M.D., UB associate professor of pediatrics and rehabilitation medicine, has been elected to membership in the Society for Pediatric Research, a national organization for accomplished academic pediatricians.
University at Buffalo researchers trying to find out why decompression sickness, commonly known as the bends, affects some people more than others have enlisted an unusual ally -- the Buffalo Fire Department.
What does the skin of a dolphin have in common with the inside of your cheek?
The University at Buffalo and the Buffalo Public Schools today signed a memorandum of agreement designed to strengthen and expand UB's involvement with Hamlin Park School 74, one of Buffalo's few remaining neighborhood schools.
A study conducted by students in the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning has found "a compelling and disturbing picture of continuing discrimination against people with disabilities" in violation of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which deals with access to public accommodations.
A new formulation of concrete that is stronger than conventional concrete and has the unique ability to tell humans about tiny cracks that occur within it might be a better alternative to conventional materials for buildings and bridges, particularly during an earthquake, according to a University at Buffalo engineer.
Time ran out Monday for efforts to retrofit some of Southern California's busiest highways, according to a leading expert on how bridges and other structures perform during earthquakes and how damage can be mitigated.
Who better to offer some perspective on Super Bowl XXVIII and its outcome than three professors from the University at Buffalo, hometown university of the Buffalo Bills? Here are some opinions from sports historian Norman Baker, psychologist Michael Raulin and sociologist Lionel Lewis.
A new drug-delivery system for the anticancer drug, taxol, has allowed researchers to control resistant tumor growth in animals with doses of the drug that would be lethal if delivered using traditional methods.
The results of a study by researchers at the University at Buffalo looking at how mental stress affects blood pressure of women versus men suggest that estrogen may help regulate women's blood pressure during mental stress, and that the protective effect disappears after menopause.