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We’re here to help you prepare for career success with opportunities and resources to build your professional skills, grow your network and enrich your personal development. We invite you to participate in professional development throughout your academic program to enhance your academic and professional success.

The goal of CIRTL@UB is to prepare future faculty, and contribute to a network of education professionals dedicated to advancing excellence and innovation in teaching. Check out the many professional development opportunities CIRTL@UB has to offer.
Dissertation retreats are multiple-day, focused writing events to help you make significant progress toward completion of major projects. The Graduate School co-sponsors dissertation retreats with the Center for Excellence in Writing.
The Network for Enriched Academic Relationships (NEAR) is a transdisciplinary online mentoring directory for students to find faculty mentors and allies beyond their substantive research areas.
The 3MT competition, hosted by the Graduate School and Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars, features PhD students communicating their research to non-experts and competing to win monetary prizes up to $1,000.
Versatile PhD (VPhD) is the largest online community dedicated to non-academic and non-faculty careers for PhD graduates in humanities, social sciences and STEM fields. Register for a free membership today, where you can access premium content including job listings, community discussion forums and a member directory listing thousands of PhD graduates across the United States.
Write Through is a series of articles highlighting the processes of writers who found their way through the dissertation process in a timely fashion. While everyone's process is unique, we hope you'll carry away some productive ideas and feel a little less isolated as you hear the voices of individuals who've been where you are and emerged triumphant in their dissertation journey.

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