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Current Student FAQs

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Registering for Classes

I am a current degree-seeking graduate student, should I register every semester?

Yes. Continuous registration is required in each fall and spring semester until all degree requirements have been completed. Check the Registrar’s Student Academic Calendar and the Student Accounts Financial Liability page for drop/add, resign and financial liability deadlines.

How many credits should I register for in order to be considered a full-time graduate student?

12 credits = full time; for graduate students with a TA, GA, or RA appointment, 9 credits = full time.

Can I register for fewer than 12 credits (or < 9 with an Assistantship) and still be considered a full-time student?

Near the end of your program, while studying for your comprehensive exam, working on a thesis, project, or dissertation, you may be eligible for “certification of full-time status”. Please contact your department’s graduate coordinator (before the semester begins) to see if you qualify for full-time certification. If you qualify, you will file a Full-time Certification form.

I have been certified as a full-time student by the Graduate School, but my loan company tells me I am not a full-time student. What is the problem?

UB enrollment information is sent to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) on a monthly basis, with more frequent transmission around degree conferral dates and at the beginning of each semester. If the enrollment report has not yet been sent, your loan company may not see your current enrollment data. For more information regarding enrollment verification, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

The deadline for registration has passed, but I need to add a course. What should I do?

Contact your department’s graduate coordinator to see if it is appropriate to file an “exceptional registration form” in order to be late-registered for a course. Check the Registrar’s Student Academic Calendar and the Student Accounts Financial Liability page for drop/add, resign and financial liability deadlines.

I want (or need) to take a break from my program and will not register next semester. What should I do?

First, be sure to speak with your department about your intentions. You may request a leave of absence from your program by filing a Leave of Absence Petition, which must be submitted by the end of the first week of the semester in which the leave is to begin. Failure to secure a leave of absence by the end of the first week of the semester will result in a $350 reactivation fee being assessed to your account when you register for classes.

I am currently enrolled in classes, but an emergency has come up and I cannot finish this semester. What should I do?

Contact your department’s graduate coordinator immediately to review your options. For qualifying emergencies, you may apply for an academic withdrawal. Eligibility criteria and required supporting documentation are outlined in the Request for Academic Withdrawal form. If you are not eligible for an academic withdrawal, you might request incomplete grades for your courses or decide to resign your courses as long as the resign deadline has not passed. Please be sure to review the Registrar’s Student Academic Calendar and the Student Accounts Financial Liability deadlines.

Preparing to Graduate

I want to graduate next semester: what steps should I take and what documents do I need?

Please see our Graduation Requirements page for more information. Please note it is your responsibility to be aware of the academic deadlines for all degree conferral paperwork.

My plan was to graduate this semester but I will not finish all my requirements, so I need to change my conferral date. What should I do?

Please consult with your department’s graduate coordinator and file a Petition to Change Your Expected Conferral Date.

I want to walk in the commencement ceremony. Whom should I contact?

Visit the official UB Countdown to Commencement page for a list of ceremony dates and contacts.

General Current Student Questions

How can I transfer graduate credits from another institution to my current UB graduate program?

Each graduate program will determine the applicability of previous graduate courses proposed for transfer credit. Please review our transfer credits policy and contact your department’s graduate coordinator and major advisor to determine the transfer credits’ eligibility and for initial departmental approval. Once the department approves the transfer credit, you will need to submit the Petition for Transfer Credit for final approval by the Graduate School. We recommend submitting the petition for transfer credits within the first year of your degree matriculation.

I am a graduate student and I want to take an undergraduate course. What should I do?

Please read the Graduate School’s cross-divisional registration policy and consult with your major advisor about whether this is appropriate for your academic career. If appropriate, you will need to file a Petition for Course Credit Outside Your Primary Academic Career.

If I repeat a graduate course, will the grade for that course remain on my transcript and will it affect my GPA?

All graduate courses/credits for which you have registered and the grades earned will be recorded on your transcript (unless the course was officially dropped before the add/drop deadline). Exclusive of the non-weighted grades (L, N, S, U, R, W), all weighted grades will be calculated into the “cumulative” graduate GPA reflected on the transcript. 

I was informed that I have reached my degree time limit. What does that mean?

Students who have reached their degree time limit are prevented from future course registration. Master’s degree students must complete their program within four (4) years / eight (8) semesters from their admission date. Doctoral degrees must be completed within seven (7) years/14 semesters from the student’s initial formal matriculation in that doctoral program. Please consult with your academic advisor and file an Extension of Time Limit for Degree Completion Petition along with the required supporting documents.

How do I get a copy of my official transcript or diploma?

You can contact the Registrar’s office to order transcripts or a diploma.

Where can I find information about career planning and post-graduation employment?

Visit our Professional Development page and be sure to check out the Graduate Student Career Guide.