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Nadav Weinstock

3MT Presentation:

Understanding Krabbe Disease


Biomedical Sciences


M. Laura Feltri


Nadav Weinstock, originally from Israel but raised in Buffalo, NY, is a fifth year MD/PhD student in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He aspires to become a physician-scientist, working on developing therapies for rare diseases that affect babies.

During his first two years of medical school, Weinstock became interested in global health and spent time providing medical care at local free health clinics and to under-served remote populations in the Himalayan Mountains of India. In 2016, he was awarded an F30 fellowship from the NIH for his research on Krabbe Disease.

What made you interested in your dissertation research topic?

I became interested in pediatric diseases when I met parents that were told they had very sick children. The dedication and love these parents had for their children motivated me to pursue researching rare diseases that affect children, like Krabbe disease.

Why did you decide to attend UB for your PhD?

The research and education available at UB was excellent and allowed me to stay close to family and friends in my hometown.

Name your favorite thing to do in Buffalo. What do you enjoy about that?

I like to go to Buffalo Bills football games. The games (though sometimes depressing) are exciting and a great opportunity for the city to rally together.