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Philip Schneider

3MT Presentation:

Test Phantom Fingers for Higher Biometric Security

PhD Program:

Electrical Engineering


Kwang Oh


Philip Schneider, co-founder, president and chief technology officer of La Salle Concepts, is currently pursuing his PhD in electrical engineering at the University at Buffalo. As a member of the University's Sensor and Micro-actuators Learning Lab, his current research includes the development of new health care related wearable technologies for point of care applications, the use of biometric technologies in the mobile consumer market and the creation of state-of-the-art test phantoms for medical sensor testing and validation.

Schneider has a true passion for bringing STEM to the local community. He is the founder of Project FIS, an ongoing effort to inspire and motivate underrepresented students in the field of STEM through hands on, high energy, interactive science experiments. In addition, he mentors a FIRST Robotics team at Saint Joseph's Collegiate Institute and is part of the Westminster Charter School initiative, where he teaches science classes to K-2nd graders. He aspires to be a successful business owner bridging his backgrounds in science and technology with his business acumen to directly contribute to the economic resurgence in the Western New York region.

What made you interested in your dissertation research topic?

Its direct impact on society and practical applications in industries ranging from biometric identification, to health care, to wearable technologies.

Why did you decide to attend UB for your PhD?

In order to be able to work on impactful, world changing technologies, I needed to become the best scientist I could be. To do that, a PhD was required.

Name your favorite thing to do in Buffalo. What do you enjoy about that?

Being a truly Buffaloian at heart, I enjoy experiencing all the growth and events the area offers. Whether it be boating on Lake Eire, going to Canal Side, or catching a Sabres game.