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Kristin Maki

3MT Presentation:

Is a story worth 1,000 numbers?

PhD Program:



Thomas Feeley


Kristin Maki, originally from Ithaca, NY, is a fourth-year PhD student in the communication department. Her dissertation compares three message format's effectiveness in conveying health-related information. She is currently conducting her dissertation research and plans to finish her degree in 2018. Having also studied social support's role in health-related outcomes, Kristin is looking forward to researching the potential impact of patient's stories relating to treatment outcomes after she finishes her dissertation.

What made you interested in your dissertation research topic?

I took a seminar on narrative persuasion and my dissertation grew out of the final project from that class. I wanted to find out if stories would be more effective than statistics in a context that includes mental barriers, like stigma and a potentially life-changing outcome.

Why did you decide to attend UB for your PhD?

The communication department was a good fit for me, both with research interests and faculty members who are supportive throughout the learning process. 

Name your favorite thing to do in Buffalo. What do you enjoy about that?

Running - it's a good way to spend time outside.