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Mohammad Hossein Ansari

3MT Presentation:

Pacemaker Energy Harvester

PhD Program:

Mechanical Engineering


M. Amin Karami


Mohammad Hossein ("Hooman") Ansari, originally from Iran, is a PhD candidate in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, with research interests in vibration and energy harvesting. He earned his master's degree from UB in 2017 and is expected to graduate from the PhD program in June, 2018. He has worked on shoe energy harvesters and pacemaker energy harvesters as part of his research, where he has two patents. He is currently working on finishing his PhD and increasing his publications. He plans to start his own company in the future.

What made you interested in your dissertation research topic?

First, I came to know about this research topic when I got my first course at UB (system analysis) with Dr. Karami. In the first session, he gave us a summary of his research and I found it interesting. Later, I talked to him about the topic and I decided it is something that I want to do my PhD on.

Why did you decide to attend UB for your PhD?

Before applying to the universities in the U.S., I did a thorough research where I want to apply based on the ranking of them and faculty members. UB was one the universities that I chose to apply based on these factors.

Name your favorite thing to do in Buffalo. What do you enjoy about that?

Going to Niagara falls at midnight when nobody is there.