Excellence in Teaching Awards for Graduate Teaching Assistants

The Graduate School and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) established the Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Awards Program to publicly recognize graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in the execution of their teaching responsibilities.

The University at Buffalo has a long tradition and a firm commitment to providing all of its students with instruction of the highest quality. The instruction delivered by graduate students who serve as teaching or graduate assistants or as instructors is a critical element of that institutional commitment.

Only current full-time graduate students (who have not previously been nominated) who have been involved in teaching at the University at Buffalo for at least one academic year (does not have to be during consecutive semesters) and who are enrolled in the following spring semester are eligible to be nominated for this award. The principal selection criteria include outstanding teaching competence, effective mentorship of students and the maintenance of high academic standards and expectations of student performance.

The nomination period is currently closed.

Previous Winners


  • Mohamed Abdelhamid, management science and systems
  • Sarah Blakely-McClure, psychology
  • Rebecca Etkin, psychology
  • Matthew Herzog, comparative literature
  • Veronica Lamarche, psychology
  • Michelle Linder, chemistry
  • Braden Linn, social work
  • Ariane Nomikos, philosophy
  • Genevieve Oliveira, romance languages and literatures
  • Thomas St. Pierre, linguistics


  • Micaela Barker, architecture
  • Anne Marie Butler, transnational studies
  • Alireza Farasat, industrial and systems engineering
  • Hans Harmsen, anthropology
  • Dustin McCall, chemistry
  • Leslie Nickerson, English
  • Katharina Pabst, linguistics
  • Tim Pruitt, psychology
  • Courtney Rice, psychology
  • Davide Salvo, classics
  • Dijana Savija, romance languages and literatures


  • Ms. Tanja N. Aho, transnational studies
  • Ms. Shayani Bhattacharya, English
  • Ms. Tanya E. Farnung-Morrison, romance languages and literatures
  • Ms. Julie C. Gass, psychology
  • Mr. Phillip Guingona, history
  • Ms. Kimberly E. Kamper, psychology
  • Mr. Shosuke Kinugawa, English
  • Ms. Melanie M. Mayberry, anthropology
  • Mr. Scott T. Ptak, geography
  • Mr. Georgios Sklivanitis, electrical engineering
  • Mr. Timothy Tittiris, chemistry
  • Ms. Stacia R. Wegst-Uhrich, chemistry


  • Mr. William R. Calabrese, psychology
  • Mr. Samuel S. Copeland, geography
  • Ms. Mary M. Flaherty, psychology
  • Ms. Sara M. Gutmann, English
  • Ms. Morani Kornberg-Weiss, English
  • Mr. Dylan McLean, political science
  • Mr. Erikson G. Neilans, psychology
  • Ms. Catherine A. Nolan, philosophy
  • Ms. Mehwish Sarwari, political science
  • Ms. Allison R. Siehnel, English
  • Mr. Kevin E. Siters, chemistry
  • Ms. Katelyn K. Thomas, psychology