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Graduate School Style Guide

Use the guidelines below to ensure your marketing language is consistent with Graduate School and University Standards. 

UB's Name

The university’s official legal name is State University of New York at Buffalo. This name is to be used on legal documents such as contracts and diplomas. In almost all other cases, use the short names approved by the SUNY central administration: University at Buffalo and UB. It is strongly recommended that communications use “University at Buffalo” on first reference and “UB” on second and subsequent references.

GrAdMIT Style

UB Application (GrAdMIT)
Style: UB application is two words, lower case "application." When referring to GrAdMIT, it is recommended that communications use UB application portal on first reference and UB application on second and subsequent references.
Definition: UB's graduate and professional internal online application and CRM system, managed by the Office of Graduate Enrollment Management Services.

DO NOT refer to or use the term "GrAdMIT" to any external audiences!

User Name
Style: Two words, both capitalized.
Definition: The unique, UB-assigned name given to new applicants within the GrAdMIT portal which allows them to access their application. Each application in GrAdMIT has a unique User Name.

Style: Fulling capitalized PIN.
Definition: The UB-assigned personal identification number for new GrAdMIT applicants.  This number is changed by the applicant to a Password in the GrAdMIT portal upon formal submission of an application.  Each application in GrAdMIT has a unique PIN. 

Did you know?

UB application PINs become Passwords when students formally sign and submit their online application.

One word, capital P.
Definition: The applicant-generated key to an online application in GrAdMIT after it has been submitted for formal review.  During application submission, applicants are required to create a Password for each application, which replaces their PIN.

UBITName Management Process Style

Style: UBITName is a single word with a fully capitalized UBIT in the word, followed by a capitalized N
Definition: UB-specific digital identity provided to all members of the university community. May be used with "account" for clarification purposes.

Activate UBITName
Style: Activate or activated (in place of claim or claimed) your UBITName or account.
Definition: Use UBITName Manager tool to identify and make operative

States of Activation:

  • Initial. Not yet activated.
  • Activated. Activated using UBITName Manager tool; security questions and password have been set.
  • Deactivated. Previously activated, now made inoperative (e.g. separation from the University); does not imply set to initial state.
  • Reactivated. Once deactivated, now made operative (e.g. returning to the University); does not imply set to initial state.  Uses most recent password.

One-Time Password
Style: Formerly single use password. Should be hyphenated between One and Time, and all words capitalized.
Definition: Token issued to individuals. Used to activate a UBITName within the UBITName Manager.

UBITName Manager
Definition: Tool used to manage UBITName accounts at UB, set UBName Manager security questions and change passwords.

UBITName Security Questions
Definition: Shared secret questions and answers set by UBITName owners; used to change the UBITName password if forgotten.

Person Number
Style: Capitalize both words.
Definition: UB-assigned personal identifier.

UB Email Address
Definition: UBmail address; email address.

Style: UBmail is one word and “mail” in the word is lower case.
Definition: UB’s email service. Includes UBmail Powered by Google, UBmail Powered by Exchange, UB Central Email.