Minor Revision of Existing Programs

Minor revisions can be facilitated and approved by the Graduate School. The Graduate School will track your department’s minor graduate curriculum changes to ensure smooth completion of degree audits, while avoiding the need to fill out SUNY/SED forms.

In most cases, modest didactic changes to degree programs and advanced certificates involving one-third of the program’s total credit hours can be approved by the department, decanal unit and the Graduate School, without approval by SUNY/SED. The estimated timeline of approval of such changes is approximately one to two weeks after submission to the Graduate School.

Step 1: Department requests minor revision to the degree program or advanced certificate

When a department seeks modest changes to their degree program or advanced certificate, they should first reach out to grad-academic-services@buffalo.edu to confirm that the requested changes are eligible for the minor revision process.

If the changes are recognized as "minor", the Graduate School will prepare a Minor Curricular Change form (excel document) with the current requirements for the program/advanced certificate and share it with the department, with a request to populate the remainder of the form with the desired changes.

Step 2: Department completes documentation and seeks chair and decanal approval

Upon receipt of the Minor Curriculum Change form, the department completes "Section C: Proposed Curriculum" (columns e, f, g and h) to articulate the minor curriculum changes that are being requested.

Once the Minor Curriculum Change form is complete, the department then seeks electronic approval (electronic signatures or email endorsement) from the department chair and then the decanal unit.

Step 3: Graduate School review

When the approvals from both the department chair and the decanal unit have been obtained, either the department or decanal unit sends the completed Minor Curricular Changes form with endorsements to grad-academic-services@buffalo.edu.

When the minor revision is approved by the Graduate School, a copy of the minor revision letter and the Minor Curriculum Change form will be sent back to the department chair, academic dean and cognizant deans (where applicable) for future use with students, staff and faculty.

All changes will take effect during the semester that is indicated on the Minor Curriculum Change form (cell C9 "Effective Semester of Change"). Students who are currently enrolled in the program/advanced certificate must be allowed to complete the degree/certificate as it was originally designed, when the student entered the program, but may be offered the opportunity to follow the revised curriculum if they so choose.

Minor Revision of Existing Program or Advanced Certificate and Review Process Chart

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