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Revise Existing Programs

There are two types of changes to existing degree and advanced certificate programs: minor revisions, which can be facilitated and approved by the Graduate School and major revisions, which require SUNY-Central and SED review and approval.

How do I know if my curriculum change is a minor or major revision?

Minor Revision

In most cases, modest didactic changes involving one-third (or less) of the program’s total credit hours are considered minor in nature. Such changes are vetted first by the department, then the decanal unit, the Graduate School and finally by the Associate Deans Graduate Council. Minor revisions do not require review and approval by SUNY/SED. The estimated time line for approval of such changes is approximately one to two weeks after formal submission to the Graduate School.

Major Revision

Significant changes, such as changes in degree title or type, the creation of new concentrations or combining degrees and large scale curricular changes (greater than one-third of the programs total credit hours) must be reviewed and approved by SUNY-Central and SED. The estimated time line for approval of such changes is approximately six to 12 months.

Have questions, or are unsure about whether or not your change is considered a minor or major revision? Email Katie Darling ( and Brittany Iannucci ( for assistance.