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Program Proposal FAQ's

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Submitting a Proposal

How do I submit a proposal?

Department chairs should submit Letters of Intent and program proposals to their Dean or Associate Dean for Graduate Studies for initial review and approval. The decanal unit will then submit the Letter of Intent or program proposal to the Graduate School. All Letters of Intent and program proposals should be submitted to Katie Darling, Associate Dean for Academic Services in the Graduate School ( with a copy sent to Brittany Iannucci (

It is strongly recommended that you consult with Associate Dean Darling as you are preparing your Letter of Intend and program proposal. This will likely save time as well as help clarify any questions you may have.

Upon review by the Associate Deans Graduate Council and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School, the Graduate School will submit the proposal to SUNY.

How many credits are required for a new graduate certificate program?

There is no formal minimum. In general, graduate certificates are 12-15 credits in length. Professional certificates often require more credits.

Who can I contact at SUNY or SED about my proposal?

All communication must be routed through the Graduate School which is the single point of contact with SUNY/SED. You may communicate with SUNY or SED only if they contact you directly.

What is the University at Buffalo SED Institution code?


What are HEGIS and CIP codes?

HEGIS and CIP codes are numerical designators used to provide a taxonomic scheme that supports the tracking, assessment, and reporting of fields of study. HEGIS codes are used by SUNY and SED. CIP codes are used at the federal and international levels. If you are unsure which codes to assign within a proposal, consult with Brittany Iannucci in the Graduate School,

New Program External Evaluation

When should I begin to plan for the external evaluation?

Once the Letter of Intent is approved by SUNY-Central, a list of 5 qualified external evaluators and their CVs or bio-sketches should be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School, who will transmit the names to SUNY-Central for approval.

Who pays for an external evaluation?

The host department of the proposed new program pays for the external evaluation.

Still have Questions? Email Katie Darling ( and Brittany Iannucci (

Interested in the status of your submission?

Take a look at our Programs in the Hopper page.