Comprehensive Program Review Process

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The Graduate School's Office of Academic Services (OAS) contributes to the university’s educational and research mission by conducting quality assessments of its graduate and undergraduate programs.

Reviews of existing programs are designed to provide structured opportunities for the unit to:

  • Undertake a healthy self-examination.
  • Demonstrate the future needs of the department.
  • Receive a constructive evaluation.

The Program Review Process

The self-study document is prepared by the department and is the first step in the process. It is the unit’s principal opportunity to provide background information regarding the program under review to the external evaluators and administration.

Once the self-study is complete, the program is then peer-reviewed by an external review team which is comprised of two to three distinguished faculty from other leading, research-intensive universities, who are brought to campus for a two-day visit.

The external evaluators then prepare a factually-based evaluative report on the unit that will be shared with the department chair, academic dean and vice provosts, and used as a means for determining the strengths of the department and any allocation of resources in support of its degree programs.

Following the receipt of the external evaluators' report, the department chair is invited to submit an optional report, prior to meeting with the academic dean and the vice provost(s), where they will discuss the evaluators' report and a set of confidential action items will be developed.

Within 18 months of the action items meeting, OAS will reach out to departments and ask for comment on each of the agreed upon action items. Using the Action Comments Form, the department chair will provide a written update of progress made on each item and submit it to OAS, who will then distribute the update to the VPEA, VPUE (where applicable) and academic dean (and/or designee).

Please review the Comprehensive Review Process for more detailed information.

Documentation and Forms

Comprehensive Program Reviews (Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees)

Documents for the assessment of a department/program, including both graduate and undergraduate degrees:

Undergraduate Program Review

Documents for the assessment of undergraduate degrees in a department/program:

Graduate Program Review

Documents for the assessment of graduate-only degrees in a department/program:

Additional Resources

Questions? Please check our Comprehensive Program Review FAQs page.