Creating a New Graduate Course

When creating a new graduate course, there are specific form requirements, dependent on the type of course you want to create and a university-level approval process that must occur before the course can be offered.

Step 1: Determine the proper form for your request

The first step in requesting a new graduate course is to select the proper form for your request.

Faculty who wish to develop a new graduate course but are unsure if it will be sustainable over time, are encouraged to try the course out first under a departmental special topics number. After a course has been offered under a special topics number for two semesters, it must be formally approved as a new course (using the New Graduate Course Request Form) before it is offered for a third semester.

Please use the Graduate Exception Course Request Form for the following course request types:

  • Cross-listing one course with another course
  • Dual-listing one course with another course.
  • A new independent study course.
  • A new project guidance course.
  • A new research course.
  • A new special topics course.
  • A new thesis guidance course.

Please use the New Graduate Course Request Form for all other new graduate course approval requests.

Step 2: Submit your request

The completed form along with the course syllabus, should be reviewed and approved by the department chairperson and the decanal unit. When the course proposal is approved at the decanal level, it should then be emailed to for Graduate School review. Once approved by the Graduate School, the course proposal will then be subject to a vote at the monthly Associate Dean's Graduate Council meeting, for final campus approval.

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