Revise an Existing Graduate Course

There are two types of changes to existing graduate courses: Minor revisions, which do not require submission of an updated syllabus and major revisions, which do require submission of an updated syllabus.

Minor Revisions

Minor course changes typically include:

  • Adding or deleting prerequisites.
  • Making a course repeatable for credit.
  • Cosmetic changes in course title.
  • Adding or updating the course description.

Changes to the time, date, place of a class (also known as a section) or other class-level changes, are handled within the department and do not require approval by the Graduate School

If you would like to make a minor revision to your course at the catalog level, please contact your department scheduler to discuss acceptable change options that do not require you to go through the new course approval process.

Major Revisions

Major course changes typically include:

  • Changes to number of credits.
  • Significant changes to the title.
  • Changes to course type (for example, changing a lecture to a tutorial).

If you would like to make major revisions to your course, please submit your request along with an updated syllabus, to your department scheduler.

Once you have submitted your material to the department scheduler, your request will be reviewed and approved first by the department chairperson and then by the Graduate School.  When making significant changes to your syllabus, consider using the Graduate School's syllabus template to ensure that the course meets the university syllabus requirements.

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