General Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary by program, but here we provide some general graduate admission requirements. Once you've read these general requirements, please contact your desired department for specific advice and details on submitting your application and documents.

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General Expectations

To be eligible for graduate study at UB, we expect:

  • A bachelor's degree (or higher) or the equivalent from an accredited/government recognized college or university. Most such degrees will be four or more years in length; UB recognizes some three-year degrees, but not all.
  • A B-grade (GPA of 3.0) or higher from your bachelor's degree (or equivalent) courses. Grade point averages from non-U.S. universities will be evaluated by UB's Office of International Admissions.
  • Appropriate standardized test scores (DAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, PCAT, etc.). Not all programs require test scores. See the official academic test scores section below for more information.
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • An internship or relevant work experience (for some programs).

English Language Proficiency Requirements

In addition to meeting the standard academic criteria for the program to which you are applying, international applicants must also demonstrate English proficiency. All international students must take one of the tests indicated below and meet the university minimum score requirement.

Many graduate programs have higher score requirements. It is important to contact your department directly to learn the minimum score requirements for your program.

Test Type
University Minimum Score
PTE Academic
Cambridge English
Proficiency (CPE)

Old Scale: 60

New Scale: 185

Cambridge English
Advanced (CAE)

Old Scale: 65

New Scale: 185

Scores must be less than two years old at the time of admission; older scores will not be accepted. Official scores must be sent directly to UB from the testing agency. Copies may be submitted for initial review.

English Language Proficiency Exemptions

The following applicants are not required to demonstrate English language proficiency with a standardized test:

  • Native speakers of English who are citizens of Australia, Canada (except Quebec), New Zealand, the UK and Ireland and who were educated entirely in English.
  • Citizens of Singapore who were educated entirely in English and who achieved a grade of at least D in English on the O-Level examination.
  • Students transferring from another U.S. institution to UB (with a break of no more than one year between departing the previous school and enrolling at UB) who would have met UB's minimum requirements and who had a valid TOEFL/IELTS at the time they began study at the other institution.
  • Continuing students currently enrolled at UB and moving from one degree level to another or one program to another (with a break of no more than one year between the 'change' from one degree level/program to the next).

Official Academic Test Scores

Many programs require you take a standardized academic exam. Test preparation has been proven to make a difference. We recommend that you consider studying from preparation guides, attending a review course or using online study tools to prepare thoroughly.

Check your program's admission requirements carefully to see which test scores are accepted and/or required. Be sure you take tests early enough to provide scores by your program's submission deadline. Please note that it can take as long as two full weeks for the testing agency to process your order and deliver your scores to UB. Please review your department's website or contact them directly for the detailed requirements. Contact information can be found on our list of academic programs.

The resources below will help you to prepare for these tests, many of which are offered regularly in computer-adaptive format by Career Services located in 259 Capen Hall (716-645-2232, extension 115).

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines vary by individual school and program. Please review your department's website or contact them directly for the most accurate information. Contact information can be found on our list of academic programs.