Three Minute Thesis FAQs

General Questions

Can I present my oration via Skype?

No. Participants are required to present in person at the 3MT Competition.

Can I use a laser pointer?

No, a laser pointer is not allowed.

Does my slide have to be in PowerPoint?

Yes, this ensures it will appear properly on the operating system that will be used.

How many transitions or animations can I have in my slide?

None. The slide must be static and not change in any way during the presentation. Your slide must be displayed for the duration of your presentation.

Will I be able to see a countdown timer during my presentation?

Yes, a countdown timer will be visible to you at all times.

What happens if my presentation is longer than three minutes?

A countdown timer will be visible to you. If you continue to speak after the timer ends, you risk having points deducted by the judges.

Is there a dress code?

There is no stipulated dress requirement such as “business casual”. Please wear whatever is comfortable for you. No costumes are allowed (including hats, masks, etc.).

Will my presentation be video recorded?

Yes. All presentations will be videotaped and will appear on the Graduate School's 3MT webpage and may be used for promotional purposes. There is no option to opt out. Students must understand that the presentation of their research in 3MT will be publicly accessible, e.g., available on YouTube.

Can I win more than one category?

Yes, it is possible to win a place (first, second or third) and win the People’s Choice Award.

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