Finalizing Your Admission

Congratulations on your admission to UB!
We are so glad that you have chosen to study with us.

You have been directed to this webpage because you were granted Provisional Admission.  This means that there are still some documents that you need to bring (DO NOT MAIL) to the Office of International Admissions before your admission can be finalized.

Follow these 5 steps to finalize your admission:

Step 1: Collect your documents

Gather all of the documents detailed on your Provisional Admission Checklist. Follow the instructions carefully and be sure you are bringing exactly what was requested.

Step 2: Make photocopies

Your Provisional Admissions Checklist may instruct you to make photocopies of some original documents that may be returned to you, such as your Graduation Certificate or Diploma. These photocopies must be brought with you.

Step 3: Complete the Document Submission Coversheet

Using your Provisional Admission Checklist, complete the Document Submission Coversheet (PDF) you download from this webpage. 

Fill in your name, UB person number and all of the documents you will be submitting for finalizing.

Once you have completed the form PRINT IT.

Step 4: Organize your documents for submission

Find a large envelope that you can fit all of your documents inside including:

  • All required documents listed on the Provisional Admissions Checklist
  • Any required photocopies
  • A copy of your Provisional Admission Checklist

DO NOT OPEN documents that you were instructed to bring in a sealed school envelope (transcripts, marksheets). These school envelopes should be placed inside a larger envelope that contains ALL of your documents. 

STAPLE the Document Submission Coversheet to the front of the large envelope.

Step 5: Bring your envelope to the Office of International Admissions

Bring your envelope and attached Document Submission Coversheet with all of your documents with you when you travel to UB.

Once you are on campus, you can submit them to 115 Capen Hall (located on the first floor of the library across from the printing station). 

Submit your documents Monday - Friday between 9am and 3pm.


Be sure to download and complete the Document Submission Coversheet (PDF) and attach it your envelope with all of the documents you are required to submit.

What's a Provisional Admission Checklist?

You received a Provisional Admissions Checklist with your I-20 packet. This sheet details everything that you will need to bring to us when you arrive in Buffalo for orientation. You can see examples of the Provisional Checklist below.