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Student Records

Confidentiality of Records

Student records are confidential and are released only to appropriate faculty and administrative offices. Release of such records to any other college, prospective employer, or agency occurs only with the written permission of the student or upon subpoena.

In compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the State University of New York at Buffalo releases the following directory information upon request: student's name, current address, telephone number, e-mail address, major field of study, dates of attendance, and degrees received. The University will routinely release such information unless a student indicates on the Request for Directory & Information Release/Non-Release Form that he or she wishes not to be listed in the student directory.

The law requires that students be given reasonable time to request that this information not be released. Students who have previously indicated that they DO wish to have their directory information released should notify the Student Response Center, 232 Capen, if they wish to rescind that permission to release directory information. The law also accords students the right to inspect and review their educational records and to request a hearing to question the contents of those records.

Inquires or complaints may be filed with the Family Policy and Regulations Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue S.W., Washington, DC 20202-5920.

Change of Name or Address

As soon as possible (i.e., within one week) following any change of name or address, a student must complete a Student Name Change Form or an Address Change/Add Request form located on the Office of the Registrar webpage. Students may also change their address online using the HUB Student Center through the MyUB portal. This action will help to ensure timely receipt of grade reports, registration materials, commencement fliers, tuition statements, etc. Note that late payment of tuition and fees results in the assessment of a penalty, and the Office of Student Accounts does not accept the excuse that the bill was sent to an old address.

New York State Residency

U.S. citizens and permanent residents enrolled at the University at Buffalo may be considered New York State residents when they are determined to have had a New York State domicile (i.e., a permanent and principal home in New York) for a twelve-month period prior to registration. Note: Shorter time limits may apply to supported graduate students. U.S. citizens and permanent residents who do not meet these criteria are presumed to be out-of-state residents and must pay out-of-state tuition rates unless they can present satisfactory proof that domicile in New York State has in fact been established, notwithstanding the durational requirement. Such proof should confirm that it is the student's intention to make New York State his or her permanent home. International students are not eligible for New York State residency.

In determining domicile, all surrounding circumstances, in addition to the student's expressed intention, will be considered. Factors relevant to the determination of domicile include:

  • Federal and state income tax returns
  • Utility bills
  • Rent receipts or lease agreements
  • Status of Motor Vehicle or other personal property registration
  • Place of voter registration
  • Residence of parents or spouse
  • Military orders requiring transfer to New York State
  • Address listed on bank statements
  • Any other documents that tie a student to New York State

Applications for residency are available in the Student Response Center, located at 232 Capen Hall on the North Campus. The application is also available online at: Completed applications and supporting materials should be returned to Student Response Center.


Official transcripts of record are sent from the Office of the Registrar at the student's request or may also be given to students in a sealed envelope. Students may use the HUB Student Center through the MyUB portal to print unofficial copies at any time while they are enrolled at UB. Official transcripts can be sent directly to a college, institution or company upon student request. Transcripts cannot be issued for any student whose financial obligations to the University have not been met.


Diplomas will be mailed directly from the Office of the Registrar to the graduate's diploma mailing address on file in that office. When no diploma mailing address is given, the diploma will be mailed to the graduate's permanent mailing address.