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Grading Procedures

The following grading system is designed to provide the greatest possible flexibility in planning academic programs. The instructor shall announce the grading procedures for the course at the first meeting of the semester. This announcement should include the specification of an S/U option or a letter grade only system.

Students who wish to be graded on a basis different from the one announced by the instructor must submit a written request to the instructor by the fourth week of class. The instructor's decision will be final and will be transmitted to the student in writing.

Weighted Grades

A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D, F, and FX (never attended) carry quality points of 4.0, 3.67, 3.33, 3.0, 2.67, 2.33, 2.0, 1.0, 0, and 0, respectively and are considered the Graduate School's weighted grades. Instructors are required to indicate the bases for determining course grades in each course syllabus. Similarly, any deviation from standard grading practice must be made known to all students within a course, in writing, in order to ensure that the standard of equality of opportunity for all students is met.

Grade Submission Dates

Faculty shall submit grades for all courses by the due date scheduled for each term, which shall be no less than seven days [including weekends and holidays] after the last day of the term's final examination sessions or the last day of classes of a term not having separately scheduled final examination sessions. Courses offered in a non-standard term, e.g., a non-standard summer session, may have a shorter time for grade submission. Grades may be obtained by students and advisors through the HUB Student Center available through the "MyUB" portal the day after they are submitted.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) and Written Evaluation (with grades)

An 'S' indicates credit earned and 'U' indicates no credit earned. The 'S' grade should be awarded only in those instances where a student's weighted grade would have been equivalent to a 'B' or better. No more than 25 percent of required formal course credits in a student's graduate program (not including courses taken as research, thesis, project, portfolio, or dissertation guidance) shall be graded on an S/U basis. Satisfactory (Written) 'SW' grades shall not be construed as 'S' grades for this purpose. An academic unit may establish a lower percentage limit.

Exclusive of 'S' grades, courses to be included as satisfying degree program requirements must average 'B' or better. The 'U' grade indicates unsatisfactory performance, but is not computed in the overall grade point average reflected on the official transcript.

Audit Grade (N)

An audited course carries no weight and does not count as attempted or accumulated hours. A student desiring an "Audit" grade in a course must officially register for the course. The student must also submit a written request to the instructor by the fourth week of class indicating the desire to receive an "Audit" grade. The instructor's decision is final and must be communicated to the student in writing in a timely manner. A student may repeat a previously audited course and receive a weighted grade and academic credit.

Resign Grade (R)

Graduate Students have the prerogative to resign any course for which they have registered without Q.P.A. penalty through the end of the 11 week of the fall or spring term. All course resignations processed during the permissible dates (as published in the Class Schedule available through the Office of the Registrar) will be indicated as officially resigned courses by the notation 'R' on all grade reports, transcripts, and other official University documents. Resignation from all courses should be done through the HUB Student Center, which students may access through the MyUB portal. There are no quality points attached to an 'R' designation.

Incomplete Grade (IU)

For all graduate-level courses, an interim grade of Incomplete (I) may be assigned if the student has not completed all requirements for the course. An interim grade of 'I' shall not be assigned to a student who did not attend the course. For all graduate courses the default grade accompanying an interim grade of 'I' shall be 'U' and will be displayed on the UB record as 'IU.' The default Unsatisfactory (U) grade shall become the permanent course grade of record if the 'IU' is not changed through formal notice by the instructor upon the student's completion of the course.

Assignment of an interim 'IU' is at the discretion of the instructor. A grade of 'IU' can be assigned only if successful completion of unfulfilled course requirements can result in a final grade better than the default 'U' grade. The student should have a passing average in the requirements already completed. The instructor shall provide the student specification, in writing, of the requirements to be fulfilled. The default 'U' grade shall become the grade of record if the 'IU' is not replaced by a permanent grade within twelve (12) months after the close of the term for which the 'IU' is assigned according to the following chart.

Courses Taken In Any Given Year During

Deadline for Change of Grade or Petition for Extension of Deadline


Summer Semester

Aug. 31st of the following year


Fall Semester

Dec. 31st of the following year


Spring Semester

May 31st of the following year


The instructor may set an earlier deadline for completion of the course requirements. If an earlier date for completion is set, the instructor shall inform the student thereof in writing. A student may not re-register for any course in which the student has an interim ‘IU’ grade.

Blank/Missing Grade

The appearance of a space ' ' next to a class on the transcript denotes that no grade has been recorded for that class. All UB students are responsible for checking their transcripts at the end of each term. Should a student discover a "missing grade" he/she should consult immediately with the instructor, or the staff in the associated department, to validate their grade. At the end of the following term an 'F' grade will be recorded on the student’s record if an alternative grade is not recorded by that time. A student's Application to Candidacy cannot be approved with any class listed on his/her transcript that does not have a grade.

Change of Grade Policies

Changes to previously recorded grades must be submitted within twelve months following the end of the term during which the student was registered for the class.  Changes from one weighted grade to another (see the “Weighted Grade” section of these policies) are made using the Universal Grade Change Form, and must include a justification.  The form must be signed by the instructor, the department chair, and then submitted to the Graduate School for formal review.

A weighted grade may be changed at the instructor’s discretion only to correct a calculation or data-entry error.  Any such change must include justification by the instructor and be approved by the department chair and The Graduate School.  A request to change a weighted grade is not permitted under any other circumstance.

Faculty are to maintain student exams, reports and other assignments submitted to the course instructor but not returned to the student that are determinants of a student’s course grade for six [6] months following the term in which the course is offered.  Faculty are to maintain records of all graded assignments and other student assessments that are determinants of a student’s course grade for twelve [12] months following the end of the term in which the course is offered.  Such retention is to ensure availability of grade determinant materials and records to address requests for grade correction (should a calculation or data-entry error be detected) or student grievances.

After one year, grades are considered final.  Any request to change any grade after one year requires documentation describing why the Universal Grade Change Form was not filed during the appropriate period.

The director of graduate studies or chair of any department/program may request a change of grade on behalf of any department/program faculty member who is no longer associated with UB, and who is not available to address his/her own grading errors.  However such requests must include an explanation.

Incomplete (IU) Change Policy

Changing an existing Incomplete (IU) grade before the default date does not require an explanation nor approval of the Graduate School. Once an 'IU' grade has defaulted to a 'U,' it cannot be changed. However, if an instructor makes an error, a correction can be made to that final grade if it was assigned before the default date. Such a correction must be requested before the end of the term following the default date listed on the Incomplete (IU) Default Date Chart.

Once an Incomplete 'IU' is changed to an Unsatisfactory 'U' grade, the course, if offered again, may be repeated for credit.

The Incomplete 'IU' should not be used for dissertation guidance, thesis, project, or portfolio credits in which continual registration is required by the University.

Grades for Dissertation, Research, Thesis, Project or Portfolio Work (L Grades)

Load (L) grades may be assigned to signify adequate progress in dissertations, research, theses, projects and portfolios since continuous registration is required. All 'L' grades will be changed to 'S' grades by the Office of the Registrar upon final acceptance of the dissertation, thesis, project or portfolio and completion of all degree requirements. If the instructor wishes to have a default grade other than 'S' recorded, a Universal Grade Change Form must be submitted. For Master's degree students, if all degree requirements are satisfied by means other than the thesis, research, project or portfolio (e.g. comprehensive exam), any 'L' grades received will permanently remain on the transcript.

Faculty are encouraged to assign Satisfactory 'S' or Unsatisfactory 'U' or weighted grades to any term of dissertation, research, thesis, project or portfolio work, since these grades do not imply final approval of the dissertation, thesis, project or portfolio itself.

Changing Grades After Degree Conferral

Grades shall not be changed any later than one year following a student's receipt of a degree or permanent departure from UB.

Grade Reports

Grades are available either through the HUB Student Center within the MyUB web portal.

Repeating Courses

If a graduate student repeats a course that is not normally "repeatable" ("repeatable" courses include dissertation, research, thesis, project or portfolio guidance; independent study; directed readings, etc.), only the highest grade earned in the course will be counted toward the degree and used to calculate the grade point average associated with the graduate degree program requirements. However, the student's official graduate transcript will record all courses attempted (including repeated courses). All resulting grades earned are calculated in the cumulative GPA reflected on the students' final official transcript.

Academic Withdrawal

Under extraordinary circumstances, graduate students may petition for total academic withdrawal from a given term. The Graduate School will only consider cases where the student or department (on the student's behalf) can document:

  • lengthy medical incapacitation of the student or a member of the student's immediate family or
  • death of a student's immediate family member or
  • military orders issued to a student or
  • other similarly extraordinary measures as petitioned by the student

Academic withdrawal is for the entirety of a student's registration in that term (i.e. these cases are considered on an all or nothing basis). The deadline for graduate students to submit petitions for total academic withdrawal is the end of the subsequent academic term. The Graduate School reserves the right to consult members of the faculty and others as appropriate when reviewing total academic withdrawal cases.

Academic withdrawal from the term will be indicated on the transcript by the symbol 'W' (withdrawal) next to each registered class. For the purposes of determining Good Academic Standing/Satisfactory Academic Progress, courses given 'W' grades do not count as having been attempted.