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Calendar/Class Schedule

Official Calendar

The official University calendar is issued by the Office of the Registrar. New graduate students or non-matriculated students may obtain a class schedule from the University's Web site at

Course Syllabi Requirements Policy

UB’s institution-wide Course Syllabi Requirements Policy can be found in the online undergraduate catalog. While this policy was written specific to the needs of undergraduate education at UB, its principles define the content expectations for graduate level course syllabi as well.  Please note the following: Where this institution-wide policy refers to reviewing the undergraduate policy for incomplete grades, please refer instead to the graduate Incomplete Grade (IU) policy.  Where the policy refers to the undergraduate Academic Integrity Policy, please refer instead to the graduate Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures; and finally, the section of the policy regarding “Controlled Enrollment Courses” is not applicable to graduate level courses.

Class Attendance

Since the University desires to promote student responsibility, there is no general rule concerning absences from class. Instructors may, however, take account of such absences in determining final grades.

Attendance on Religious Holy Days

On those religious holy days when members of a faith observe the expectation of their religion that they be absent from school or work, individual students will be excused from class without penalty if expressly requested. If such a requested absence results in a student’s inability to fulfill the academic requirement of a course scheduled on that particular day, the instructor must provide an opportunity for the student to make up the requirement without penalty. Students shall not be charged any fees or experience any adverse or prejudicial effects due to absence from coursework due to religious observance. 

In the event that a student absence situation cannot be resolved between the student and the class instructor, or either party is aggrieved by the process, appeal shall proceed to the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.