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Graduate Faculty Roster

Membership in the Graduate Faculty is a privilege conferred upon those appropriate members of the faculty of the University and its affiliated institutions who have an active and continuing role in one or more of the degree programs offered under the auspices of the Graduate School.

Policies for Graduate Faculty membership

  • Members of the Graduate Faculty may serve as committee members or as major advisors for both Master’s and Ph.D. students
  • Only Members may participate in Graduate School governance
  • Only Members may serve on the Graduate School’s Executive, Area, and Divisional Committees
  • Associate Members of the Graduate Faculty may not serve on PhD dissertation committees as one of the three required core members, but may serve as additional committee members
  • Associate Members may serve as either committee members or as major advisors for Master’s students or for students in the Au.D. or D.N.P. programs
  • Please see the Charter and Bylaws of the Graduate School for more information
  • Changes in Major Advisor and Committee Membership when Graduate Faculty Leave UB